Health Certificates for Pet Travel

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Pet Travel: Your Guide to Stress-Free Trips with Your Furry Companion

Are you looking to travel or move internationally with your furry friend? Look no further than Broadmoor East Veterinary Clinic! All of our veterinarians are USDA accredited and able to issue certificates of veterinary health inspection, both within the United States and internationally.

Our experienced team has dealt with a wide range of international destinations, including Japan, Australia, the United Kingdom, and many countries in the European Union. Our team has also helped many clients relocate with their pets to US locations with stringent requirements for pet import, including Hawaii and Guam. We understand the complex regulations and requirements that each destination demands to ensure your pet’s safe entry and stay.

To make sure that your pet is travel ready, schedule an appointment with us before your trip! During the office visit, we will issue the necessary travel documents and make sure your pet is up to date with all the necessary vaccines and preventive care.

We understand the stress of traveling with a pet and that’s why we’re committed to ensuring that your pet’s travels are not just smooth but stress-free!

If you are planning to travel or move internationally with your pet, give us a call now at 307-634-2912, and we’ll help you navigate through the complicated process.

You can also visit the USDA, APHIS pet travel page via this link for specific information and requirements for each destination country:

Traveling with your furry companion should be an enjoyable and memorable experience! Let us help you make it possible.

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