End of Life Services

It’s never easy to say goodbye to a loved one, but at Broadmoor East, we make every effort to make the end of life process a peaceful experience.

Woman with her dog at the end of his life

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an appointment to put my pet to sleep?

We ask that you make an appointment prior to coming in, to ensure we’ve reserved an exam room and planned staff time accordingly to accommodate your family during a very difficult time.

What will happen at my pet’s euthanasia appointment?

Upon your arrival, one of our receptionists will escort you and your pet to a comfortable exam room, and will have you sign a  consent form. By signing the consent form, you are authorizing us to humanely euthanize your pet and will confirm what your wishes are for after-care (either cremation or burial).

The receptionist will also invoice you for the euthanasia and cremation fees at this time, to prevent you from waiting in line at the front desk to check out.  One of our nurses will bring your pet to the treatment area to place an IV Catheter, which will give the doctor an easy access port to safely and comfortably administer the euthanasia drugs to your pet. Once the IV Catheter is placed, we will bring your pet back into the exam room to allow you and your family time to say goodbye. When you are ready, the doctor will come in and administer the euthanasia solution via the IV catheter. This procedure is peaceful and painless for your pet.

Afterward, we will prepare your pet for either cremation or burial, whichever you have chosen. If you have chosen cremation, we will facilitate that process for you and will call you when the ashes have returned. This generally takes about 3-5 business days.

What are my options for aftercare?

We offer cremation services and memorial products through Lasting Paws Pet Memorial Services.

We offer two types of cremation:

The first is Private Cremation, meaning that your pet’s cremated remains are returned to you in a beautiful hand-carved rosewood urn, with a clay paw print keepsake.

The second type is Communal Cremation, where your pet is cremated without the remains returned to you.

How much does it cost to euthanize my pet?

This is a great question, and the answer is best given by one of our caring receptionists, who can quote a price for you based on your pet’s size and your wishes for aftercare (cremation). Please call us at 307-634-2912, and one of our receptionists will go over all of our options and pricing information with you.

Do you make house-calls for euthanasia?

Yes, we can accommodate requests for house-call euthanasia appointments as long as our schedule permits. We do need advanced notice in order to schedule a house call, so please call us as soon as possible.

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